Arena 1.5:Arena wiki credits

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Arena wiki was designed and developed by many people in many countries.

Arena wiki content

Technical author:

Flag-UK.png Stephen Citynskyj (English edition)

Contributing authors and specialists:

Flag-DK.png Alice Brødsgaard (Liferay, portlets), Marianne Buschmann (search engine), Rasmus Bruun (configuration)

Flag-FI.png Anu Pekari (UI styling)

Flag-SE.png Anders Bjurnemark (wiki), Cecilia Broberg (wiki, UI), Erika Aurell (configuration, portlets), Ingrid Julén-Welander (wiki, UI), Kristoffer Persmyren (Liferay), Magdalena Olofsson (search engine), Pethra Theander (search engine), Sverker Rydelius (installation), Wojciech Syski (indexing).

Flag-UK.png Gareth Hughes (abuse portlet), Ian Young (Configuration, UI), Russell Davey (installation)

Arena wiki translations

Flag-DK.png Alice Brødsgaard and Charlotte Knudsen (English|Danish).

Arena wiki system

Flag-SE.png Anders Bjurnemark (software, server, user accounts and security), Cecilia Broberg (project management), Ingrid Julén-Welander (help design and software).

Flag-UK.png Stephen Citynskyj (help design, scripting, conversions and imports)

Apologies if we've missed anyone. If you think you should be listed here, contact Axiell with details of your contribution.

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